Material Designers: Material Tribes

27 Oct 22 — 11 Nov 22
Location Elisava
Schedule Monday to Friday
8.00am – 10.00pm

‘Material Tribes’ is the first exhibition of Materials Designers, the platform for interpretation and knowledge of materials aimed at researchers, teachers and companies by Elisava Research. This exhibition brings together four tribes or collections of materials: circular, smart & advanced, cultural and basic.

Circular Materials presents materials that respond to a circular look in an integrative way and allow mimicking processes with nature, using raw materials such as waste or cultivated products.

Smart & Advanced Materials shows how materials have the ability to transform energy and adapt to the environment by changing their properties, and how their potential for lightness allows for a reduction in the amount of material for greater efficiency and effectiveness.

Cultural Materials brings together materials that interpret the history, traditions and society of our immediate surroundings and our territory, where craftsmanship plays an important role.

Finally, Basic Materials shows that the basics are essential pieces, materials that are maintained season after season. They are versatile materials and getting to know them serves as a starting point to encourage designers’ creativity.

This exhibition is part of a cycle of different exhibitions on permanent display at the Bibiloteca Enric Bricall at Elisava.