Design Attitudes Forum

27 Oct 22 — 11 Nov 22
Location Elisava
Schedule Monday to Friday
8.00am – 10.00pm

In today’s ever-changing, complex environment, we face a wide array of new challenges. Design has the potential to bring about transformation and innovation; meanwhile, the design discipline itself is also changing, being increasingly implicated in less tangible matters.

The purpose of design and the role of designers is being redefined and it is in this context that we ask: What designerly ways of innovating must we promote in order to have presence in the future?

The Elisava Design Attitudes Forum, which attracted over 130 participants from the design field, was intended to be a key reference point for defining the role of design in the future and to highlight the influential force of Elisava in this process.

Elisava Research’s objective was to start identifying the trends of innovation through design. It did so by describing design attitudes and their impact areas, and establishing a survey that would validate these findings and identify what type of innovators exist in a community such as a design university.