The Goods of Design

The Goods of Design. Professional ethics for designers

Edition: Dr. Ariel Guersenzvaig
Authorship: Dr. Ariel Guersenzvaig
Publication: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Year: 2021
ISBN: 978-1786615404

What ends should designers pursue? To what extent should they care about the societal and environmental impact of their work? And why should they care at all? Given the key influence design has on the way people live their lives, designing is fraught with ethical issues. Yet, unlike education or nursing, it lacks widespread professional principles for addressing these issues. 

Rooted in a communitarian view of design practice, this lively and accessible book examines design through the lens of professions, offering a critical vision that enables practitioners, academics and students of design in all disciplines to reflect on the practice’s overarching purposes. Considering how these are connected to others’ flourishing and moulded by community interactions, The Goods of Design argues for a practice-based approach to cultivate professional ethics; it provides a normative direction that can meaningfully guide professional design activity, both individually and collectively. The volume also looks into the implications work has for the designer’s self-growth as a person, offering ways to discover and navigate the complex tensions between personal and professional life.