Zmoo —Juice Packaging Project

Student/s: María Vidal, Isaías Rodríguez & Karla Sánchez
Mentored by: Alex Pirard & Pau Llavador
Promotion: 2016
Study: Masters Graphic Design Area

Branding, product and packaging design for fruit and organic milk based smoothies. 

Zmoo is the result of the fusion of 3 words and major components of the brand.

Z (Zumo = Juice in Spanish) + Moo (Milk) = Zmoo (short for Smoothie).

This design seeks to make the consumer connect with their childhood´s favorite drinks, like the Boreal chocolate milk, and re-introduce this type of delight into their older years and current life style needs, as a healthy organic smoothie.  The bottle’s design, inspired by the typical milk products, with its curvy edges and squared silhouette, has a comfortable rectangle slim form that can fit in any backpack or purse.  Since honesty was the key characteristic to this product, the graphic design played with the transparency in order to showcase the content and the cow spots that dress its colorfulness, hoping to make it a fun and healthy drink for anyone craving a delicious snack.