Student/s: Laura Rocío Moscote, Stefanía Ruales, Maria Lina Cunha
Mentored by: Ricardo Guasch, Octavio Maestre
Promotion: 2020
Study: Masters Space Design Area

The inflection point in a Cartesian plane is when the values ​​of a function go from one type of concavity to another or it is also the point at which the curve changes her direction. The inflection point in personal growth is when you discover a core of strength in you and you manage to change the final destination of a path that seemed defined.

Asisted works on the evolution and change of life of those who need home care, understanding the importance of individuality, enhancing skills and allowing you to share day-to-day comfortably. Our design for the office is based on the shape of the inflection point on the Cartesian plane. In this way, we manage to create levels that complement each other, generating double heights along the route, thus creating spaces that are related to each other and that is how their philosophy is reflected in their workspace.