Student/s: Several authors
Mentored by: Martín Azua, Ion Elola and Eva Minguella
Promotion: 2016
Study: Masters Communication Area

Authors: Maria Lopez, Macarena Norambuena and Mario Montull

The aim of the competition made during the minimum packaging workshop, in collaboration with Isern Patentes y Marcas, was to design a collection of three chocolates inspired in Barcelona.

The winning project is based on some intangible concepts that characterize the city: “sharing”, because Barcelona is an open city that provides for the foreigners; “experimenting”, because it is also an avant-garde and attractive city for start-ups or new projects; and finally, “playing”, because the Catalan capital is an enjoyable metropolis, above all.

‘Xoc’ suggests a new way to enjoy chocolate through a range of chocolates with their own shape that invite the consumer to reconsider how to interact with the food.

‘Les voltes’: mainly linked to the idea of “playing”, these chocolates are capsules that fit one inside the other and work as a Russian doll (matryoshkas), suggesting a union of chocolates that is discovered while the domes are unveiled.

‘Les làmines’: a proposal to “experiment” sensations. They are thin chocolate pieces of an intense flavor, designed to savor them. Thanks to their minimum thickness, the chocolate slowly melts in your mouth making you discover all their contrasts and hints. In the pack, the thin chocolates are distributed in a radial position that invites you to serve yourself.

‘Els bombons’: the last proposal of the collection is born from the idea of “sharing”. Each piece is thought to break itself in half, resulting in identical chocolates. This is a chocolate that asks for interaction and that invites you to a little game of equilibrium to being able to take each chocolate by an end and break it in order to enjoy our half.

The main challenge of the packaging of these chocolates was to create unique, as well as functional and attractive, packages in relation to the shape of the chocolate, which would invite the consumer to enjoy the product in a certain way in line with the intangible concepts on which the project is based.

This project was awarded a Liderpack 2016.