Wall painting for Bunsen Burger

Student/s: Several students (Felipe Khedi's design)
Mentored by: El Dios de los Tres
Promotion: 2019
Study: Masters Graphic Design Area

Together with the renowned illustrator El Dios de los Tres, the students of Elisava's Master in Illustration and Comics have been in charge of decorating the windows of the Bunsen hamburger restaurant, located in the heart of Barcelona. The new window design consists of two large glass murals whose central motif is a hamburger next to striking buildings inspired by Gaudí's architecture. The colourful design combines the urban spirit of Barcelona and the Irish origin of Bunsen.

Each of the twelve students of the Master, directed by Mery Cuesta and José Luís Merino, devised an individual proposal that was presented to Bunsen and the design chosen was that of the student Felipe Khedi. Finally, all the students of the master participated in the development of the mural in the hamburger restaurant.