Vila Bosc

Student/s: Alejandro Varangot, Gastón Capandeguy
Mentored by: Tomas López, Lola Domenech, Joaquín Matutano, Marcos Catalán
Promotion: 2020
Study: Masters Space Design Area

“Vila Bosc” is a housing project for a world-renowned singer, Rosalía. We had the challenge of making a house inside an industrial warehouse in Poblenou with the special request of the client to integrate nature into the house. The project is conceived as a free-standing house surrounded by green, inside this traditional warehouse.

We opted to develop the program on two floors articulated by two large central courtyards. The plants are very simple but functional and structured with different architectural riches. We highly prioritize spatiality, the fluidity of spaces, lighting, materials and their link with nature. We took care of all the details and we were very meticulous with each of the parts of the project. The result is a sensitive, meticulous and careful project that invites you to want to live the spaces.