Student/s: Laia Lloret Ros
Mentored by: Oscar Tomico; Sara González; Xavier Tutó
Promotion: 2018
Study: Simultaneous Studies

'Velt' is a system of repair and creation, critical to mass consumption and rejection. The project's aim is to create impact and opinion, preserving and showing the history of the repaired product. It is about reintroducing and reevaluating the miscarded furniture without invading it physically, only visually, so that the user is a participant in the practice giving expression and creativity without having any prior knowledge or any specific tool. It undermines the individualist idea of ​​the unique and original designer, since the new creation is based on existing objects.

'Velt' is the inspiration to initiate a change of mentality regarding the objective growth to which we are immersed daily, rethinking the repair and not the rejection of discarded or broken objects.

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