Student/s: Marina Sarto
Mentored by: Anna Maria del Corral, Martín de Azúa
Promotion: 2018
Study: Simultaneous Studies

'Unigo' proposes a solid perfume, a product that has existed for centuries but was no longer used. It is made up of components that generate a wax-like texture. When rubbed with the body it dissolves and releases its fragrance. Its objective is to satisfy the millennial generation and provide them a product that meets their needs. In other words, a product with an affordable price and within their reach wherever they go, with a varied offer that allows them to choose between different brands quickly and digitally.

It comes in doses of 2-3 applications of solid perfume that are purchased through one application and that are obtained from vending machines, located in young people contexts, such as gyms, universities, bars and nightclubs. The perfume holder is a cardboard card, that is subtly folded to present the perfume frankly.