Trustto II


Several students

Tutored by

Francesc Mestres, Martin Koch, Miquel Tejero



Thousands of people risk their lives crossing the Mediterranean to reach safe land and a better life. The terrible conditions in which they travel create maritime emergencies, and in many cases it is impossible to carry out a successful rescue due to the boats’ overloaded weight, which causes them to sink. However, there is no product on the market designed to meet the needs of this type of rescue.

In this context, Trustto emerges as a project for developing a reusable maritime rescue device, which turns drifting boats into safe and dry spaces for users. To achieve this goal, the group of students has collaborated directly with Open Arms, in order to create a functional prototype that provides stability to drifting vessels and improves the experience of both rescuer and rescued: rescuers have more time and greater control of the rescue, while the rescued have a better chance of survival on their way to Europe.