Triton Alicella

Student/s: Oriol Povill
Mentored by: Jonathan Chacón
Promotion: 2019
Study: Degree in Industrial Design Engineering

Robotic arm for personal submarines that requires little maintenance, occupies little volume and can be used at great depths.

Designed through the philosophy of User Centered Design, 'Triton Alicella' is an intuitive robotic arm that meets the essential needs of being able to interact with the ocean from inside the submarine. With its seven degrees of liberty, it uses an innovative movement system through rotary actuators that allow it to fold over itself, achieving the minimum occlusion of the field of vision from inside the vehicle. Unlike its competitors, being completely electric and having no hydraulic actuator, its precision in movements is maximum and maintenance is minimal. All its components are prepared to withstand the maximum pressure of the ocean, so it can be used at any depth.