Student/s: Irati Azkue Zaldua
Mentored by: Francesc Pla

Topos, from the ancient Greek "τόπος", "place" or places, as well as the connections between specific places or spaces, that is, the routes, routes or paths that connect them. Topos begins with a personal journey, but shared that since its inception has sought to be more than moving, seeking the value of each of the elements, people and places known. And this is just the beginning, or the continuation of something started by neighbours, by writers, by newspapers and people who have long since started, or followed, what Julio Llamazares started 30 years ago.

It is an endless path that connects places in the territory thanks to the temporary intervention in five moments, which seek a reinterpretation of the territory, a turn to the current trend: take the territory as a source of knowledge, to promote a sustainable and bidirectional development. It consists in changing the "no" for the "why not?"