Toolkit for co-designing moodboards for brand values

Student/s: Nuria Garuz
Mentored by: Ariel Guersenzvaig
Study: Masters Communication Area

The brand is always associated with emotional values, which sometimes even determine the final choice when buying a product. The purpose of the project is to improve the communication between the costumer and the designer in the pre-design phase of branding projects. To do so, this proposes the incorporation of co-design into the creation of moodboards and the creation of a Toolkit for designers and non-designers to express themselves creatively.

This Toolkit is formed by an image guide and a card kit with images that capture universal human values. The participants must agree on the values ​​of the brand and co-design the moodboard using the images provided in the Toolkit.

This project aims to achieve:

  • Economy of time, effort and costs, since a common understanding is reached in a single session.
  • Exchange of roles between client and designer, since both design as to provide information about the brand.