Time Flies AirNET


Lynn Zarif, María P. Quesada, Lina Perez, Sonia Larrañaga

Tutored by

Jorge Hernan



Our client is MediaLAB Amsterdam, an interdisciplinary studio based in Amsterdam. Our challenge was to make the airport waiting experience more enjoyable. Following design thinking methodologies, we discovered that passengers want to connect, interact and have more information.

AirNET, our solution, is a smartphone app that provides passengers with data and navigation related to their needs. Travelers using the app will receive guidance on how to spend their time, so they can enjoy their experience. Passengers will be informed and connected, feeling safe and comfortable in their surroundings. AirNET is an attractive business opportunity. With the data we receive from travelers, AirNET incorporates hyper-segmentation to match passenger choices. AirNET is an interesting proposition for service providers such as retailers, airlines and airport operators. The project includes a service blueprint and business model strategy.