The Tragic Tension


Paula López-Nuño

Tutored by

Francesc Ribot, Jessica Fernández




ADC*E Silver Awards (European Student of the Year)

The physical bond between the woman and the man also represents the tension between the complexity of desire and the simplicity of social norms. However, the tone adopted by the tapestry invites observers to make their own interpretations based on past personal experiences. The plastic deformation connecting the two sides could suggest many scenarios: an inseparable monogamous bond, a relationship that is in fact strained because it is breaking up, the development of self-awareness, etc.

This two-piece tapestry is programmed with conductive inks so that people can approach and interact with it. A wide range of sounds begin to play when the skin touches the circuits drawn on the back of the Jacquard fabric. These sounds guide the user to the inner edges of the artwork as they become increasingly crisp. That is where the threads are located, encoding the stripe information.