Temps Hotel


Nicole Gonzalez, Milagros D. Granda, Joaquin Macip, María S. Pizarro

Tutored by

Ricardo Guasch, Patricia Von Arend



You are in Barcelona and it is the last day of your life… What would you do? Temps Hotel is a place inspired by the concept of the passing of time, defining it as something ephemeral, related to cycles, instants and how to make the best use of them. As an initial element of the project we based it on the hourglass, taking it as an analogy to the main staircase of the building where the hotel is located.

The intention of Temps Hotel is to relate the user’s experience with an important event in his life, such as weddings, trips, graduations, etc. and how these are marked by the beginning, the course and the end. Therefore, the cutting of the plants is designed according to each of these experiences and emotions. And when the last day arrives, you will have nothing left to do.