Taurus Zero

Student/s: Souleimane Cheikh, Fernando Crespo, Ignasi Coca, Ricardo Ferrándiz, Pablo Regaño
Mentored by: Xavier Ruidor
Promotion: 2019
Study: Masters Product Design Area

‘Zero’ is a vacuum cleaner project for Taurus that was created with the aim of highlighting a paradigm shift to achieve optimization in cleaning tasks for young people who do not want to give up simplicity and aesthetics. It is a design created through the mix between the traditional broom and dustpan and the new cordless vacuum cleaners.

The design, elegant and light, provides an easy-to-use and cordless project. It consists of a fan system with a tank and a brush so that the user can use it as if it were a broom.

The handle consists of buttons that allow you to turn it on, activate its ECO function and turn it off, an LED light and a set of batteries lined up on top. The batteries are charged by contact and the LED indicates the state of charge.