Student/s: Andrés Villanueva, Helena Llop
Mentored by: Santi Fuster, Pol Pérez, Josep Román, Roseta Mus Pons, Xavier Roca, Javier Pereda, Junior Martínez and Marc Panero
Promotion: 2018
Study: Masters Graphic Design Area

Our Master's project consisted of revitalizing the communication of the Museum of Music of Barcelona, ​​an institution dedicated to experimentation and musical reflection and owner of one of the largest collections of instruments in Europe.

The Museum focused for a long time on an academic and historical communication, mainly understood by professionals or students of music. That is why we aimed to bring communication to a wider audience, and based on it we decided to use a language with which to represent music at any level: the onomatopoeias.

For this reason, it seemed natural to change the name of the Music Museum to Taral·larà, since it is the onomatopoeia for humming in Catalan, and humming is one of the most immediate ways for anyone to express themselves musically.

From that decision the Museum started to come back to life and to manifest itself in different ways: the chosen typography served to represent different types of sounds and provide movement to the identity, the variety of colors increased the ludic vibes of the project and photography, when it appeared, it helped to balance the compositions. These gathered elements allowed us to create coherent, and at the same time diverse, pieces for all areas of the project.