SWAROVSKI – Behind The Beauty Of Things


Dana Naim, Nitisha Chawla, Mariel Romero

Tutored by

David Pablo Garcia, Ruth Martin



Topic Craft
To create the future Swarovski store we showed what is behind the crystal beauty, to show what Swarovski is about further than what we see as perfection.

Knowing that our target is looking for truth and values, and that Swarovski has always been involved in social and environmental work which majority of people was not aware of, we used an emotional approach, creating a concept that involved the “wall of Swarovski” featuring all the brand’s campaigns and social work to create a community for Swarovski, the wall is interactive allows customers to express their feelings on a touch screen and to emphasize we created a campaign for women empowerment. Physically, the store was divided into 2 parts, first the brand “VOICE” that included the wall and technology showing the importance of Swarovski on a human level, invading the dark DISPLAYS section to highlight the products which shows the perfection that the brand has been always presenting.