Súper Pop


Several students

Tutored by

Enric Jaulent, Ber Arce



Do you remember Super Pop, the iconic youth magazine from the 80s to the 2000s? We propose a brand reinvention where creativity and strategy come together. The new Super Pop is positioned among today’s teenagers, pop activists, young people involved in actions and social awareness, in search of a multifaceted dialogue that resonates with their sensibilities. This audience, despite not having read the original magazine, is attracted to the lifestyles and consistent aesthetic universes of Y2K and seeks a safe space for exploration and expression. Thus we come to the Super Pop App! A multifaceted and safe space of exploration that immerses the user in a journey beyond pop, starting with content of a more popular or biased nature and later evolving into richer curated content for its informative, and even educational nature.

Students: Marina Cabezas, Frank E. Cala, Catalina Carreño, Luis Gasca, Paloma S. Rodríguez.