Stressed Matter


Joana Bisbe

Tutored by

Jessica Fernández y Francesc Ribot



Stressed Matter is a project that arose from a personal interest in the perception of stress in society. The main objective of the proposal is to analyze and make visible the problem of stress in a work and academic context. This has been achieved by using intelligent materials to represent the findings of survey data related to stress in everyday life.

This representation uses the compression of a chromogenic material (which changes color in response to specific external stimuli), with the intention of establishing a parallel between materials and people. When an excessive amount of stress is applied to a material, it causes fractures. Likewise, people respond to external stress stimuli in a similar way. The project wishes to show that this condition can cause damage, both structurally and emotionally, with “fractures”.

This particular infographic project reflects the stress felt at Elisava during the second half of the curriculum year (as revealed in the survey data) and translates its intangible nature into a tangible and visible projection.

This representation not only seeks to show the results of the research, but also promotes a reflection on the causes and results of stress in society.