Student/s: Marine Henninot, Lauranne Vermeire, Sacha Ketelbeters
Mentored by: Pep Wennberg
Promotion: 2020
Study: Masters Space Design Area

“Space 20” is an incubator platform of designers and experts that offers a flexible and fully equipped workspace for companies, students and associations who want to develop sustainable projects in Barcelona. In the building that is to be refurbished there is vegetation growing up through the concrete. It appears that nature is taking back its right over this space once taken by human development.

With the aim of constructing an energy efficient building, the project pays tribute to the greenhouse which has a number of passive strategies. The entrance of the building is a showroom where visitors, investors and workers are invited to have a look at the projects developed in Space 20. In the left wing of the building there is a greenhouse which is a workspace with closed and open workstations. The right wing is a laboratory, filled with nature, for product development and research in the library.

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