Souvenir. Made in BCN

Student/s: Ignacio Sánchez Fernández
Mentored by: Raúl Goñi
Promotion: 2018
Study: Degree in Design

'Souvenir. Made in BCN' talks about territorial identity and lives up to its own name: Barcelona. The purpose of the project is to question what benefit the identity of a territory brings when it is a stereotyped object of consumption that has lost all its meaning. Starting from the souvenir as a memory object, it is explored how the city puts tourist expectation above its own representation, thus fracturing the line that exists between identity and reality.

Where symbolic and cultural value is reduced to nothing, the project proposes a constellation of souvenirs that literally symbolize nothing. A purely absurd and provocative object. A criticism of the grotesque tourist panorama of Barcelona that seeks to reflect and reconsider what the true meaning of being “Made in Bcn” is.