Smart Skin


Several students

Tutored by

Jéssica Fernández, Francesc Ribot, Silvia Escursell, Marian Brea



Smart Skin* is a proposal of technological integration that allows the development for the implementation of a temporary electronic graphene tattoo. This adheres to the skin in a harmless way, facilitating the interaction between person and global system of data generated by society.

Smart Skin tattoos have the ability to generate and store information. In addition, they can be read or detected by other devices, so they also function as transmitters. This advance in portable epidermal electronics could offer a large number of dynamic applications, such as personal data management, access control, payments from your bank account, among others. This product, in testing phase outside the laboratory, was tested for the first time on 100 users in “OFFF! Festival “, the creativity event held in Barcelona at the end of May of this year.

Students: Carla Calomardo, Mar Martín, Àlex Ribes, Laia Sunyer, Eva Vázquez, Marta Vives.