Sistema simbiótico

Student/s: Ana Bellido
Mentored by: Oscar Tomico, Saul Baeza, Lluis Sallés
Promotion: 2020
Study: Degree in Design

"SSTCBA presents a research situated in the context of design methodologies and the HCI area. It rejects the anthropocentric and linear perspective of the designer as the only actor present in the design process. It proposes and develops the generation of a wavelike cybernetic system that incorporates as its main action a dialogue between human beings and extended intelligence, claiming the value of Big Data as a driver of computational and biological creativity.

In order to demonstrate the system, two pilot tests are proposed through which to rethink some of the most redesigned products, chairs and shoes. A process that allows us to question the methodologies and the intrinsic aspects of the design itself. And the fact is that "SSTCBA" calls for a transition towards scenarios that place us on a par with the social, identity and technological transformations of the present.