Student/s: Cèlia Giménez, Joan Cofan
Mentored by: Mónica Rikic, Susana Tesconi, Varvara Guljajeva, Raúl Goñi
Promotion: 2021
Study: Degree in Design

Can there be a playful-interactive environment in public space with a scientific and technological background of learning? With this question we started the synaesthetic project for society. Approximately 4% of society is synaesthetic, in other words, their senses are mixed up in their brains.

In order to learn about synaesthesia and play with people, we present an artefact that exemplifies what a synaesthetic person can feel with their senses. The artefact focuses on touch and sound, showing how it can vary depending on the area pressed. Once the user starts touching the soft surface, they will instantly notice the different sounds depending on the area touched.

The artefact has been created with the aim of working on the design of playful-educational experiences at the intersection of art, science and technology within the framework of a citizen event at CosmoCaixa. Despite showing only a small part of all that synaesthesia encompasses, we believe we approach a small range of the world of synaesthesia and we know how powerfully creative synaesthetic minds can be.