Signum ex Machina 


Eugenia Avilés

Tutored by

Manuela Valtchanova




+Model, Festival d’Arquitectura de Barcelona 2023

Design as activation of the expression of identities in the future. An approach from (dis)authorship, intuition and subjectivity. Creation of machines for the expression of identity in the future in the city of Barcelona from design, social sciences and interpersonal experience with different urban nomads.

We propose to contribute to the framework of design and society through an event to explore the role of alterity, of the urban-nomad and the nomadic way of life as an agent of the city’s evolution and to activate the debate on the people who decide or are placed in a position of homelessness, to help create spaces of common life, exchange, sustainable and speculate with other types of everyday life.

Where intuition prevails, the subjectivity and ego of the designer fades away. Exploring a nomadism that can not only be inferred in space-time, but that can be transferred in concepts, represent alternatives to the status-quo, that not only runs in the antagonism between settlement and movement, but in our thinking and in changes of social identity.