SHE. Powered by you


Amelia Aguirre, Vivian Lachner, Milagros Pino, Natali Melamed

Tutored by

Jordi Belil, Paola Cirelli



Based on the year 2119, in a context where fossil energy resources are running out, we found another way to generate renewable energy to make up for the shortfall that existing renewable energies fail to meet.

We created SHE: Smart Human Energy is the newest and cleanest energy in the world. It is produced and powered entirely by all human movements.

SHE products consist of a wearable and a scanner. The user releases energy through his own movement throughout the day, this energy is stored in the wearable and transformed into SHEBYTES. The wearable is passed through the scanner, where the SHEBYTES are boosted and through its digital interface the energy is distributed in a smart way to the objects that require it, thanks to the AIRSHE system.