Sensorial Playground by MoMA


Mónica Lombardo, Juliana Cepeda, Diana Plascencia

Tutored by

Natalia Alonso



This shop-museum project for MoMA seeks, through collaborative art, to bring the evolution of art from the museum to the store.

The intention of the project is to create different environments where the client can experience emotions through memories evoked through art. The design is linked to a series of experiences divided into five spaces that seek to disconnect customers from routine stress so they can connect with themselves.

It maintains the usual museum feel, leaving the gift store at the end of the tour and involving the previous step through four spaces: Detox Yourself, Kinectic&Feel, Performance and Making Art. In this last one, focused on collaborative art and linked to Meet Me by MoMA (foundation dedicated to Alzheimer’s), the client will be able to be part of a work of art, leaving a special memory, and then will finish his tour in the MoMA store.