Se vende un barco


David Feria, Daniela Merchan, Fabio Cid

Tutored by

Jordi Cano, Zoé Barceló, Enric Jaulent



The project focuses on developing a communication strategy whose main goal is to help the NGO Proactiva Open Arms in Spain, considering the current situation and context. Because of the low resources, the political pressure that immobilizes its rescue activity, and the perception that is associated with human trafficking networks, a creative concept called “participative heroism” occurs. The proposal consists of the sale of the Astral ship, an action that would cause uncertainty in those who know the NGO. The ship would be divided into 60,000 pieces (a tribute to the lives that were saved), people could be able to select and buy on the web the piece of the boat they wanted, and they would receive a title deed. The objective is to involve the individuals emotionally, generating a sense of belonging both in the problem and in the rescue action, thus creating a community more involved in the activities of Proactiva Open Arms. Through the resources raised and the pressure from the new owners, the lack of funds would be covered, and government restrictions that prevent saving lives would be made.