Student/s: Helena Ortiz
Promotion: 2016
Study: Masters Communication Area

I’m scared of the course of time. I’m worried about how fast it escapes when I’m happy and how slow it goes when I’m suffering.

We like to think that every moment of our lives has its importance. But in the end, what we will remember on a day like today? Practically nothing. We proclaim that we are what we have lived, our past, our experiences. But the truth is that we will probably not remember what we’re doing right now.

This is why I take photos. And this is how “Saudade” was born, as an attempt to stop time. Focusing on what’s not maybe so important, little fragments that make life.

It is as by the mere fact of having taken the photo, an instant without importance becomes suddenly valuable, beautiful, intriguing. This is how I want to tell you something without telling you, having an opinion of the world without fear of not finding the correct word.

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