Salut Gracia

Student/s: Gabriela Matute, Ana Zanoni, Andrea Balmaceda
Promotion: 2020
Study: Masters Space Design Area

Above all, what was prioritized was spatial quality. The building was resolved based on the radical decision to hollow out part of the slab from floor to ceiling, generating a nucleus that divides the building into two parts, letting the air and light pass by. The gap was used with galleries and lattices around it, thus providing a characteristic play of light and shadow in the environments. In addition, with this opening, biophilicity becomes very important throughout the project, both on the façade and on the inside, always seeking contact between nature and the user.

In terms of materiality, vertical wooden slats are used, which not only serve as cladding and acoustic insulation, but also incorporate a program behind them. On the floor and ceiling, the space is lightened by using homogeneous materials without joints. Inside, colour is a tool that also defines and characterizes the spaces. Each level is given a particular colour from the colour palette, which arises from analysing the same neighbourhood, that is so powerful, so unique, making the building a part of a neighbourhood identity.