Ruedi Baur

Student/s: Vanessa Cisneros, Joel López and Felipe Travez; Ricard Cardona, Jose Luis Chiva and César Robles; Ana Asunción, Anna González, Alejandra Guevara and Mariana Sanín.
Mentored by: Ruedi Baur and Jordi Cano
Promotion: 2016
Study: Masters Communication Area

The subject will be developed in workshop format where teacher and students conduct a joint experiecia how they can develop the concept of identity expressed through connections. This concept must be reflected in the maxim: "What are my relationships" and not so much in what I am. It will work with the neighborhoods of the city of Barcelona as a relationship and not as autonomous identities. One portrait of the chosen neighborhood will be made. We realize that the deeper we find more diversity.
The project is starting with a mapping of the identity of a neighborhood or district of Barcelona. The sense is to show the different territorial representations that relate to it. It has to handle the concept of territorial structure, where you can add the representation of other territories: museums, theaters, etc with infrastructures; or even no territorial identity.

The following items will be discussed:

  • Morphology (plant neighborhood boundaries, barriers ...)
  • Iconography. Signs and symbols specific and / or represent the neighborhood
  • History
  • Features of the local people
  • Indexing public spaces


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