Robotics and Ethics

Student/s: Various students
Mentored by: Raúl Nieves, Ricardo Iglesias, Ariel Guersenzvaig, Andreu Belsunces, Jonathan Chacón, Raúl Goñi, David Haro
Promotion: 2021
Study: Degree in Design

We live in a world increasingly automated by machines. Apart from handing over repetitive tasks to robots, we ask machines to give answers and solve problems by applying AI and machine learning. At the same time, several scientists and industries are working on the humanizing machine. Robots not only have become our colleagues but also companions in a broad sense of this term. 

The course explores the role of robots in our society and labour market. Apart from tracking down the history of robots, innovation, understanding the technology, and HCI, we also focus on the ethics part. Students have developed an opinion about the field and the current situation between robots and humans.

Project in collaboration with Staübli Robotics.


  • Deus est Machina
    Pascual Mares, Víctor Lavela, Jesús de Mur, Ander Antelo, Cheeun Shin
  • Incantation
    Mireia Raurell, Noelia Martín, Raquel Barrachina
  • P4bl0 P1c4550
    Edu Borrell, Guillem Giró, David Casadesus
  • Tecnologías sujetos y poder
    María Reig, Sara Calzada, Josep Sole, Yukun Zhou