Rice Krispies, son la leche


Pau Estartús, Marco Gontero, Ian Wallace, Maximiliano Aragón, Tobias Rahim



This creative campaign is built on the slogan “sin leche, son la leche” (they’re great, even without milk). From this unique and original idea, a series of expressions shaping the advertisement and a series of adaptations making up the communication campaign are developed.

Most cereals have varied their formulas and have become healthier to maintain their position in the market. However, the most powerful and popular cereal brands are considering escaping this healthy race by betting on honesty and the use of new brand values ​​to reach broader audiences.

Cereals are no longer limited to breakfast, so it is time to rethink their purpose and way of consumption. Rice Krispies carries out a television spot (with formats of 30″, 15″, 6″) in which it reveals the multiple culinary possibilities that the brand of cereals can offer to the market of culinary complements, thus adding to one of the most powerful tendencies of today.

Lights, camera, Rice Krispies, action!