Student/s: Eva Soler, Cheeun Shin, Anna Gayete
Mentored by: Marío Santamaría, Ramón Sangüesa, Alejandra López, Joana Moll, Raúl Goñi
Promotion: 2021
Study: Degree in Design

Technology has been accelerating exponentially and will continue to do so in astonishing velocities. We have come to a point where this progress is transforming us as species, posing questions about the frontier between the machine and the human.

“Resunnection” is a project with the objective of offering new perspectives of future techno-human dystopias. We investigated the social perception and its moral limits when imagining a transhumanist future (a possible consequence of technological singularity). This was done through the use of propagating a false product called Emmortal in which offered the public the possibility of immortality, and other by products of what it means to become transhuman.