4FOCS Restaurant


Pedro Sanz, Julissa Stanziola, Jasone Uriarte

Tutored by

Rafael Berengena, Dani Freixes, Pilar Soto



The 4FOCS restaurant is located in the Mercat Sant Antoni. We have developed the concept of the project, based on the location of the premises and the gastronomic offer of the surroundings. Since it is a market, we decided to use the two main elements that appear in it: a succession of stalls, and a route that guides you through them. The aesthetics of the restaurant is nourished by the elements found in the market: ceramic tile, microcement for the route, wood, dark metals…

From the gastronomic offer in the surroundings, we concluded that in Sant Antoni there is a very varied and multicultural offer, so we decided to bet on four key cuisines: Catalan (local), Italian (large community in the neighborhood), Japanese (high demand) and Vietnamese (little supply at present). Thus, our restaurant is developed around four main volumes, each assigned to a cuisine.