Student/s: Various Authors

«Remora» is a system that reduces the quantity of plastic soup that floats in the sea due to industrial fishing and the phenomenon of the “phantom networks”. The abandoned fishing nets are one the sources of the 100 million of tones of the residues that remain in the sea and continue catching fishes and cetaceans before going off in thousands of plastic pieces.

«Remora» is a system with four elements: an encircling fishing net, some RFID labels, a RDIF reader and an application for smartphones, which works in synergy to rationalize the impact of the industrial fishing. The network is manufactured exactly like the current ones. When having to make the polyethylene thread, nevertheless, the additive d2w® is added, which causes the beginning of the biodegradation of the net in 4 years, at the end of its useful life. Once the net is used and thanks to the RFID reader, the application shows the net-maker what parts of the net are missing and where should intervene in order to solve serious incidents, instead of searching them manually. Furthermore, if there are missing pieces in the sea, the system allows finding them and can after collect them.

Authors: Alejandro Palesencia, Roberto Pla and Joan Farré

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