Student/s: Akna Marquez
Promotion: 2019
Study: Masters Product Design Area

Construction and demolition waste (CDW) represents one-third of the total waste generated in the European Union, most of it ending up in a landfill as it final destination. Respect and care for materials coupled with an appreciation of their inherent values can lead us to create new narratives and perspectives. Can we design not only for the new product that is destined to be thrown away, but for all the stages of its life journey (birth, growth, decay and death) ultimately guiding it to rebirth once more?

Reincarnation is a project based on the upcycling of bricks and ceramic tiles from the city of Barcelona, to create new construction materials for a circular economy, that represent local identity and material stories. A collection of unique surfaces that show traces of its past history with a contemporary language, recovering material, economic and architectural values. A celebration of what already exists.