REC.015 Igualada

Student/s: Mariam Al Ali, Alba Julià, Yuliana Leon, Daniela Meade, Luciana Pimentel, Claudia Ribot, Santiago Ríos, Pablo Viaplana, Andoni Zamora
Mentored by: Edouard Cabay, Toni Montes
Promotion: 2017
Study: Masters Space Design Area

The project REC.015 born from a research project carried out under the Master on building systems made of beer cases.

Of the three systems that has been developed, they has chosen the most innovative, the catenary suspended to cover 100 square meters with 600 cases of beer, which is the central element of the Popup. Below and around the roof, walls and stands, boxes made also generate an ephemeral building that houses a shop, space for DJ, a bar and a space to relax.

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