Re_m, La durabilidad de los recuerdos


Helena Codonyers

Tutored by

Josep Puig




Premio Elisava Professional Edition

Topic Care
The memories we store in our memory lose information over time, and we cannot consciously control which memories we are going to forget.

We save them in the form of a photograph or video, and the cloud is full of experiences that we have lived and that we want to remember. But are we preserving the whole experience?

Seeing all that the senses perceive, it is clear that not everything can be stored in the cloud. So, I saw the need to experiment with other senses such as touch and offer a tool for cognitive stimulation.

Re_m is an object that works as a link between the user and his memory. Through sensory stimulation it allows to transmit sensations that remind you of lived experiences and make them last in time. It is a set of individual pieces that the user stacks to create his or her memory.