Student/s: Alberto Gracia
Mentored by: Luis Eslava
Promotion: 2019
Study: Degree in Design

'Re-dar' experiments with the materials derived from the waste produced during the water purification process in the WWTPs (Wastewater Treatment Stations), with the aim of creating a new ceramic material that can be used in the domestic environment. Drinking water is a limited resource that is used daily in our cities in a carefree way.

The distribution and purification of this water can be carried out thanks to the complex system of pipes and infrastructures, which allow removing impurities and sanitizing it to be returned to nature. Therefore, all the components and substances that are discarded in the water end up accumulating and being collected in the WWTP as waste. With the creation of this material, it is intended to make visible the waste generated by water, to promote its correct and respectful use.