Student/s: Manel Barnils, Alejandro Castillo, Felipe Cifuentes, Pamela Delgado, Clara Donoso, Marta García, Juliana Jacobo, Sharon Germes, Nuria Mallofré, Claudia Martínez, Judith Puig, Lucia Valenzuela
Mentored by: Sebastià Brosa, Mireia Cusó, David Ruano y Raquel Bonillo
Promotion: 2019
Study: Masters Space Design Area

The students of the Master's Degree in Set Design of Elisava designed the scenography of the photographic session for the presentation of the new season of RAC1, the leading radio station in Catalonia.

The shooting took place in the workshop of the Castells brothers, in Santa Agnès de Malanyes (Barcelona), with the presence of the radio hosts of the new programmes, who also participated in a video made by Radiofònics.

Photographs by David Ruano.