Quatre Barres

Student/s: Several authors
Promotion: 2017
Study: Masters Communication Area

Authors: Laura Aguilar, Sara García, Marta Lladó

The project consists on the creation of a brand and a packaging line for the Cluster Catalonia Gourmet, which includes a selection of typical high-quality products of the region.

The design is based in the simplification of the Catalan “senyera” in four stripes that allows seeing the products through a die. The flag has been used as a key visual, since it is a highly representative element of the region.

Our design includes a graphic identity applied to a selection of high-quality products, giving place to different packaging gourmet aimed at both people from Catalonia and foreigners. The result is a recognizable range in the market.

A window to the country. Discover the product through the brand.

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