Valentina Diaz, Luisa Elena Fernandez, Carla Muñoz

Tutored by

Rafael Berenjena, Daniel Freixes



Topic City
Prisma was born in a place that is part of the Design Museum of Barcelona. Located in Plaza de Glorias with the need to show itself to the world, it raises its hand. It chooses to create its access from this square. A glass envelope is designed in the shape of a triangle from where our concept is born. The upper glazed opening provides the transparency that the space needed inside, allowing the sun’s rays to enter and manifest themselves in different ways through its path to the top floor, creating an intermediate design that refers to the interior of the prism and a final one with the decomposition of light in colors. The passage of the day makes the natural lighting with its changing lights and shadows, the sieve and the rhythm it provides, makes each visit to PRISMA, a unique experience, allowing it to be defined as “A Museum in a Restaurant, a Restaurant in a Museum”.