Post Luxury

Student/s: Marni Bowman
Promotion: 2020
Study: Masters Product Design Area

Using discarded oyster shell and crystals, the project Post Luxury takes aim at opulence, redefining value through a material that creates a cultural connection to the community at its source.

Post Luxury capitalizes on discarded oyster shell by creating sculptural homeware pieces that eschew outdated forms of modern luxury. Taking aim at opulence and grandeur, the work caters to a mindset that relishes time, experience, and community. Through muted tones and textures the work seeks to redefine value through a more humanistic lens.

This crystallized ceramic is the result of a detailed study of the natural processes that surround us. By examining and mimicking microscopic structure formation, the material can be generated by minimal and locally accessible inputs and knowledge. Once the material has reached its end of life, it can be broken down into smaller portions and reintegrated into a new generation of material, much like the oyster shell itself.

Raw and sharp, the oyster shell is transformed into soft sweeps and serendipitous structures. Paying homage to the humble shell and the local communities that have been built on them, the resulting line of work is comprised of pieces that create a cultural connection, signifying the beauty and richness found in a simpler, considered life.