Play Ground. A World Tour of Laurie Anderson

Student/s: Juliana Duque, Patricia Guerra and Ian Víctor
Mentored by: Javi Donada and Angelo Palma
Promotion: 2015
Study: Masters Communication Area

This project consists on the creation of the concept and the direction of art for the next world tour of the singer, performer and artist Laurie Anderson.

Playground is a new naming proposal for the new world tour of Laurie. This name responds to the idea of American society that has a childish attitude for everything. Rather than a tour, it is a project that starts with the generation of the content for the new album of Laurie. This project suggests a website, from which the main news will be a blog section titled Playground. This blog keeps an ironic-naïve tone. Furthermore, the project presents an app called Secret Playground that allows downloading sound loops, melodies and distorted voices of Laurie; finally, show tickets will have a QR code that will allow you having the app for free. This offers the show attendants the freedom to make or remix the music freely. Once the tour is over, two books will be published that will follow the same ideology as the blog.