Student/s: Camila Pardo Gómez
Mentored by: Christophe Mathieu, Iris Tarraga, Lucía Castro
Promotion: 2017
Study: Masters Product Design Area

‘Pilou’ is a side table to store and display objects in different spaces around the home. It is made of folded and soldered steel rod, and finished with powder coating paint. The top is made of spruce wood. The name ‘Pilou’ is inspired by the concept of resting, and its name come from the English word “pillow”, referring to the place where objects rest.

Keys, a book, shoes in the hall, a plant or a candle, any of the objects that we own deserve a special and beautiful place to rest after offering us a day of use. The table is painted in a vibrant yellow to make it stand out and imbue it with personality.