Pigments Bcn Lab Hotel


Sandra Gil, Katia Sojo, Clara Foglia

Tutored by

Ricardo Guasch, Patricia Von Arend



Topic City
Pigments was born from the restlessness and desire of a modern society that cries out for a place for those who feel young to meet, share and transform the world. Whatever age you are, if you are innovative, daring, open minded and/or creative and want to go beyond, this is the hotel for you. We offer the possibility that just like our key element in concept, Lapis Lazuli, you will experience a transformation going through all its states and become who you really are. ”You, as a raw mineral”. The Nubiola family, owners of the estate, were producers of the chemical alternative to the famous ultramarine blue pigment. Originally this pigment was extracted from this blue mineral, crossing the desert to reach its mines in Afghanistan. In Egypt, its use was polished into jewelry and in the renaissance when ground, it was used to create paint. Come and book workshops next to your own room.